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Chapter Two: Ruse

Alene walked beside William as they went to town. She loved their weekly walks into the bustling town of Perierat. Over the years, the town became a trade hub, where people came and went every day.

As the town came into view, Alene ran towards the gates, out of excitement. “Alene, wait!” William reached out for her, but the girl had already gone into town. He hobbled along, as fast as he could, only to find her awaiting him, just inside the gates. “Alene, I told you not to run off.”

“Sorry, Grandfather.” The girl smiled shyly.

“Just do not run off again.” He patted her head and walked her further into town.

All the traders stood along the road, calling out for someone to buy their wares. Alene looked at everything, but she knew they had no money to spend on things like those. She watched as William bought meat, fruits, and vegetables.

“All of you know that our land is plagued by thieves, killers, and other people, such as those!” She looked up and saw an old woman, she’d seen before, named Rue, standing in the middle of the crowd. “Those people, which cause the strife and grief to the good people of this land. This is the fault of one person… King Ansaldo of Coelum!”

Alene stopped. “Grandfather, listen! That woman is saying bad things about King Ansaldo.”

“Alene, quiet!”

Rue stopped and looked at the girl and old man. “Ah, so I see we have some supporters of that old fool.”

“Come along, Alene.” William took her hand and tried to pull her away, but the girl jerked away and stomped over to the old woman. “Alene no!”

The girl glared up at her. “King Ansaldo is kind and loves all people. He wants to help them. He did not let all those bad people out here.”

“Then where did they come from, small one?” The woman grinned. She laughed as the girl paused, unable to answer the question. The woman looked over at William, smirking. “If you’re going to teach a child anything, even if it’s all a lie, you should teach her to know her lessons, so she does not make a fool of herself.”

William limped over and took Alene’s hand, pulling her away. The people began laughing at them, much to the annoyance of Alene. “Why did you not tell them what you told me, Grandfather? Now they are laughing at us.”

“Those people are already deceived, there is nothing we can do.” The old man shook his head.

The girl seemed surprised. “But we can still help them. If they are being tricked, we should tell them, and warn them that the woman is lying to them.”

The old man stopped. “My dear, I have tried many times, but they will not change.”

“But that does not mean you give up…” the girl sighed, refusing to look at the old man. Neither of them spoke, the entire walk back to their home. Once they reached home, the young girl lay down in her bed and refused to get up.

She waited until William was asleep. The moment he was, she slipped out of her bed and walked down to the lake. Sitting beside the waters, she let her mind calm. She’d been very angry with William for not standing up to that woman in town, and she still was.

How he could tell her so much about the king and about how wonderful he was, yet, when given the chance to tell others, he refused.

She lay down, with her feet in the water. Her eyes quickly closing as she went to sleep, dreaming peacefully.

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