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Chapter Twenty-three: Reunion

Isa smiled as little Alene skittered about the city, looking at each and every little thing within the city of Ceolum.

She ran to a fountain, spewing crystal-clear water, the light shining off it, making rainbows around the fountain. As the child stared at the myriad of colors, a wrinkled hand touched her shoulder.

Alene turned around, face lighting up as she recognized the person who touched her. “William!”

“Alene…!” The old man embraced the child he raised. “You made it. You made it here, my child.”

“I thought you were dead!”

The old man smiled. “I was in the fire, but then I woke up here. Since I couldn’t find you, I hoped you were still at home.”

The girl looked up at him. “I met Miho, servant of the king. He helped me get away. I was going to travel here with Moss, but I missed him. But, Dai helped me get further. Then I met Jonas, but I got led off the path and got stuck. Pavel helped me then but I got taken to Carcere.”

“Carcere!?” The old man grabbed Alene’s shoulders. “And you escaped?”

“Isa came and all of us got out of the prison, then he brought me here.”

William smiled and hugged the girl again before looking up at the king’s son. “Isa, my Lord, thank you for taking care of her.”

“It was my pleasure, old friend.” Isa patted Alene’s shoulder. “Now, I will let the two of you catch up, but this evening, at sundown, I would like Alene to meet me at the palace gates.”

The two nodded. “Yes, Isa.” As Isa left, William took his charge’s hand. “Come, I have much to show you.”


William led the little girl around the city. The bright, glittering sights filled the girl’s heart with joy and excitement. The world seemed happy and bright.

“Alene, is that you?”

The girl turned around and her eyes widened. “Dai!” The two embraced.

“I’m so glad you made it here, Alene.” The shepherd grinned. “I heard that you were one of the people rescued from Carcere. I am so happy that Lord Isa saved you.”

“I’m happy too.” Alene wiped joyful tears from her eyes. “Is your village alright?”

Dai nodded. “We were able to push back the enemy. Homes can be rebuilt, so we don’t mind.”

“Well, I’m so glad that everyone is alright.”

Dai smiled, and a second voice spoke. “There you are, child.”

Miho, the same man who had helped her escape at the very beginning, came towards them. “I knew you would make it here. While I was slightly concerned when I discovered that you weren’t with Moss’ group, I knew that the king had a plan to bring you here somehow.”

“Yes, he did.” Alene walked over to him, curtsying. “And thank you for helping me. I did try to find Moss, but I fell in the darkness and hit my head. When I woke up, Moss had already left.”

“I understand.”

The young girl looked up at the sky, staring at the orange setting sun. “Oh no! I was supposed to meet Isa at the palace gates at sundown. It was good to see all of you! I have to go now!” Alene turned, gathering up her skirts as she ran to the pearl-white palace gates.

The king’s son stood by the open gates, patiently waiting for her. “There you are. Did you have fun?”

“I did! More fun than I’ve ever had before!”

“Good,” Isa took her hand in his. “Now, come along. My father would like to speak with you.”

Alene’s heart raced and her breath caught in her throat. “The king… wants to see me?”

[Next Chapter: Alene meets the king and discovers the truth about her past before meeting William.]

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