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Chapter Twelve: Scolding

Alene squeezed her eyes shut. The knife slashed and she dropped. Her head felt much lighter. She reached up and felt her hair, which now hung just above her shoulders.

“There you go, little one. My name is Pavel. King Ansaldo sent me to find you.”

“Really?” The girl stepped back, eyebrow raised. “Wiley and Salem told me the same thing.”

Pavel knelt before the girl. “Well, what did they tell you? Did they tell you to take a different road then what Jonas told you?” Alene nodded. “Then you know what they said wasn’t true. He never goes back on his word. He told you to go one way and that’s the way he wanted you to go. When you listened to Wiley and Salem, what happened?”

“I got tricked and stuck in the briars. And, now my hair is cut, and…”

“But does that really matter?” He helped her stand up. “Now, I’ll help you back. You’re very far off the path you were supposed to go on. It will be a very long climb back up the hill.”

The girl gave a long sigh. “Of course…” He picked up his lantern and took the girl’s hand once more. He led her through the briars, which didn’t seem as threating to the girl, now that a strong person stood in front of her. Also, though she didn’t like that Pavel cut her hair, now she didn’t have to worry about her hair catching on anything.

She reached up, fingering the short brown locks. “So, why did the king send you to me?”

“You came off the path. Jonas told you where to go, but you listened to Dolum’s men.” Pavel refused to look at her. “It’s going to be a long walk back up the mountain. We better get going. There is no time to stop tonight. I’m sorry, but you should’ve listen to Jonas.”

Alene flinched at his harsh tone. “I’m sorry…”

Pavel sighed, “I’m sorry, young one. I’m known to have a short temper, so I am sorry if I seem angry. But, I still have to get you back to the path. You can rest later.” He took her hand and they headed back the way Salem brought Alene, the first time.

The two walked further on, but the night drew on and on. The young girl’s eyes slowly began to close. She barely noticed when they began to climb up the mountain. The sun began to rise by the time Alene and Pavel made it to the top of the hill. The man set up a tent beside the path and laid Alene down.

Hours later, Alene woke up. The moment she stepped outside the tent, she could tell that it was well after noon.

“You’re awake.” Pavel sat nearby, sharpening a sword.

The girl rubbed her eyes. “Sorry I slept so long…”

“You were up all night. You needed rest. Now we can just pack up the tent and I’ll take you to Coelum.”

Alene gave a bright smile. “Yeah!” Pavel stood up and the two of them took the tent down and they began their trek towards Coelum.

[Next Chapter: Pavel and Alene continue their journey only to be met with enemies.]

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