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Chapter Eight: Jonas

Before the sun came up over the hills, Alene gathered what little possessions she had and stuffed them into a small sack she found. Throwing the sack over her shoulder, Alene began to walk down the road, out of Campus.

She did not want to cause Abbi and Dai to worry. So, she decided to go off alone, without their knowledge.

Going off alone frightened her, but she knew if she had to say goodbye to them, she would not want to leave at all.

Just as the sun came up just as Campus was out of sight. The walk seemed peaceful, compared to the battle the night before. The flowers stood alongside the road, with trees hanging over, feeling like a tunnel of pale green surrounded Alene.

For two days she walked peacefully, and as she walked the land changed. The grass became scares and the trees became smaller. The land turned to nothing but sand and rock. A single line of blue cut through it: a river in this barren land.

“Why are you all alone here, young lady?”

Alene jumped. A man stood near her, dressed in a rough looking garb; he held a locust in his fingers. “Wh-who are you?”

“My name is Jonas. And you are?”


He smiled warmly. “Have you come from Campus?” she nodded. “I guess you know Dai then.” She nodded again. “So, why have you come to this lonely place?”

“I-I’m trying to get to Ceolum…”

“Ah, a traveler.” His grin grew wider. “You’re the first one I’ve seen in a while. King Ansaldo sent me here to guide travelers like you. There is only one way to the king… do you see that valley?”

Alene followed his pointing finger. “Yes… I see a bunch of cliffs, and a path through.”

“Not that path.” He pointed a little to the left. “There is a smaller pathway. That one is safer.”

Alene, even from here, could see that the small path was steeper and had more rocks. “It doesn’t look safer.”

“The king made that path, for his travelers. The large path is dangerous; Dolum made it to trick people like you. It looks easier but it will lead you to your death.”

“D-do I have to go alone?” The girl frowned.

Jonas smiled again. “Young one, you must follow the path. Stay on it, and do not leave it. You will be alright. Other servants of King Ansaldo will be there, along the way, to help you.”

That made the girl smile slightly. “I will stay on the path! I would like to get to Coelum soon. How far is it?”

“It is not too far.” Jonas patted her head. “Just follow the instructions, and you will reach there soon. Now go along, little one.” Alene smiled and began walking towards the canyon.

[Next Chapter: The paths split and a mysterious stranger gives her directions.]

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