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Chapter Twenty-four: Ansaldo And Adora

The little girl followed behind the king’s son, her timidity coming out in droves. “Isa, why does the king want to see me?”

“You will see, little one.”

Their footsteps echoed across the golden floor, and the girl quickly fussed with her short hair and fiddled with her dress. “I just… I don’t understand.”

“My dear,” Isa turned around, taking her hands in his. “Do not fuss. My father sees you as beautiful, regardless of what other people may say. Now, come and see him.”

They walked around a corner and came to a set of large golden doors. They opened with not so much as a creak. At the end of the room sat a large throne of pure light, a light so bright that Alene could not make out the tall figure who sat on the throne.

The room felt safe and secure, with the light wrapping around Isa and Alene. The girl felt a deep peace and an endless joy fill her heart. She no longer feared meeting with the king; she felt as if she could just stand in the room for days on end.

“Ah, and there you are son. And this must be little Alene.” A strong voice, yet gentle and comforting, came from the throne. “I have been waiting for you.”

The girl, despite the peace around her, felt her knees knocking together. She knelt down, in admiration and fear of the king who sat before her.

“M-my king…”

“Stand up child.” The king waited patiently until the girl, with Isa’s help, stood to her feet. “As I said, I have been waiting for you.”

“Why me? I’m just a dull, ordinary girl.”

Ansaldo stood up, walking over to her. “No child, you are beautiful and unique.  When I sent you to stay with William, I knew that you would grow up well.”

“Sent me?” Alene cocked her head in confusion. “My lord, there must be some mistake. William found me in a basket, floating on the water.”

Isa nodded. “We know. My father was the one who put you in the basket, knowing you would come to rest on the shore, where an old man sat, unknowingly, waiting to receive you.”

“W-what!?” The girl took a few steps back, shocked. “But why? Why did you do that?”

Ansaldo walked back to his throne, sitting down. “You were born to two of my most loyal servants who loved me with all their hearts and strove to drive back Dolum and his forces, but one day the enemy’s forces attacked their little home, slaying your parents. The enemy made off with you, but I sent Miho to rescue you. He brought you back here and I knew what to do.”

“You were small, innocent, but you needed to see the world and choose for yourself whose side you would be on. So, I sent you to live with William. He was a kind soul who would raise you well, and if you chose me, would bring you here in due time.”

“It appears that Dolum found you after all this time, and sent his men to attack. This forced you to take the journey to see me.”

“And you completed that journey,” Isa continued for his father. “You overcame the trials of your journey and found your way here against all odds. Now you are truly home.”

Alene shook her head. “All this… it’s happening so fast. I need some time to think.”

“Of course, little one, but I have one last thing to tell you. Your true name. William named you when he found you, Alene, but that is not the name you were born with.” The king motioned for the girl to approach. He reached out, taking her hand, allowing his light, warmth, peace, and joy to overcome her. “Your name, is Adora.”


The king nodded, reaching out to take the girl’s hand in his own. “My child, my dear Adora, you have been alone and fatherless for so long. I would like to take you in and make you my child, my daughter, my princess, but only if you want to.”

“You want to make me your daughter?” Alene, or now Adora stared at him. “Why me? I’m just a nobody kid, and I’ve done things that you wouldn’t like.”

“I have forgiven you, and I know that you feel sorry for what you have done. Adora, no matter what you have done, or what you could do, I will never stop loving you. I love everyone, and I will always love everyone, even if they do not love me.”

The little girl bit her lip as she thought about all of this. “You really want to be my father?”

“Yes, I do.”

“Then… yes. I want you to be my father.” A giant grin spread across her face as Isa laid a hand on her shoulder.

“Then, welcome to our family, Adora.”

[Next Chapter: Alene, now known as Adora, is a princess, but how does she take all of it?]

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