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Chapter Five: Lambs

Alene giggled as three little lambs nuzzled her face. Dai watched her, smiling. “The lambs like you.”

“Yes, they do. They’re very sweet.” The young man reached into a bag and pulled out a harp. He began strumming the instrument; the sheep gathered around him. Alene sat and listened, as well.

“You are a wonderful musician, Dai.”

“I taught myself to play.” Dai smiled. “Sometimes I play for the king.”

The boy continued to strum on his harp; his eyes met those of the young girl. “Alene, is something troubling you?”

She looked up. “Of course not…” The girl stood. “I’m going to walk around for a time.” She began walking through the trees. Her whole life, she’d lived in that little house by the lake, but now, this land was completely different from her home. The trees grew taller and further apart; the grass stood lusher than she’d ever seen. The sheep sure loved it.

She sat by a small creek, watching the fish swim past. King Ansaldo, all the stories she’d heard, made him seem so kind. And if someone like Dai could serve him, then the king had to be kind. But still, the only reason she wished to see him was because of her grandfather’s stories.

It seemed like a good enough reason, but she felt like there should be more?

Suddenly, a growl shattered the silence around her. Behind her, and a little to her right, stood a golden lion. It stared at her with its deep eyes, sniffing the air. Alene stared back. Both of the looked to Alene’s left as a lamb began to bleat. The Lion growled and leapt at the small creature.

“Leave the lamb alone!” The animal turned on her and stalked forward. But, as it crouched, ready to spring on her, a rock hit the tawny creature on its side.

Dai stood nearby, placing a stone into a sling. The lion whirled around and charged at the boy. Dai swung the sling and let the rock fly; it struck the creature between the eyes. The lion faltered in its steps before falling over. Putting his sling back on his belt, Dai smiled. “Are you alright, Alene?”

“I am. Thank you, Dai.”

“There are many lions around here. Try not to wander too far next time.” He smiled. “I might not have gotten here in time, if this little one hadn’t wandered off.” He lifted the lamb into his arms. “Come, let us go back to the other sheep.”

Alene nodded. “Yes, let’s.”

As they walked, the young girl looked over at her friend. “Dai, why do you serve the king?”

“I found out how good he was when I was younger. I found joy in serving him. For, he is good and everything he orders is good for others. Why would I not want to serve someone like that? So, why are you going to Coelum, to see the king?”

“Well,” the girl shrugged. “Because my grandfather used to tell me stories about the king. And he sounded so kind, I wanted to meet him. Not to mention that…” Alene paused. With all that had happened, she’d nearly forgotten that her grandfather was dead. “M-my grandfather is gone…” all the stuff she’d been trying to hide in her mind and heart came out in tears.

Dai bridged the gap between them, laying a hand on her shoulder, “I am sorry…” They stood there for a long time, until the girl finally stopped sobbing. “It will be alright, Alene, I promise you.”

[Next Chapter: The duo reach Dai’s home, and the girl learns more about her new friend.]

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