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Chapter Twenty-five: Princess

“Lady Adora,” a man bowed and smiled at the girl. “How are you faring today?”

“I’m fine, Gavril.” Adora smiled. “I’m going into town to see William today.”

“Have fun, my lady.” The guard gave her a gentle smile as she scampered down the stairs and out the castle doors. Courtiers and guards all bowed as she passed. Even after a full month of living in the castle, she was not used to being known as a princess, or people bowing down to her.

As she moved through the streets, people smiled and waved to her. “Alene!” William stood at the end of a street, waiting on her. “How are you, my dear?”

“I’m doing well. Thank you for agreeing to meet with me.”

“It is no trouble.” The man and girl went to a small café; as they began to eat, William smiled across to her. “So, how is life in the castle?”

Adora took a bite of her cake. “It’s nice. I am just not used to all the attention and kindness from everyone. I also feel a little boxed in.”

“Alene,” the man turned his gaze toward the castle. “You know that King Ansaldo loves you. If you feel boxed in, then ask him if you can go outside the city for a little while. I doubt that he’ll say no. He loves you so much, I mean he adopted you as his child, and gave you a new identity as his princess. Oh, speaking of which, I should actually call you Adora shouldn’t I?”

“I don’t care if you call me Alene.”

He shook his head. “Alene is your old self, the one before you were a princess. That part of you is behind you. I know that it may feel strange to be known as Adora, but it is right.”

“I understand,” the princess nodded. “I mean, it does feel strange, but it does feel right to be known as Adora. It’s like, it’s the real me and Alene was but a shadow. And you’re right about the king; he loves me and is ready to listen to my concerns even if they’re as silly as having cabin-fever.”

The two laughed and continued their meal. Adora was happy to have William in her life still. The man raised her, and she knew that he would always be there to talk to. Talking to the king and to Isa was wonderful, but she did like to talk to other people as well. And she knew that her kingly father understood.


“Getting a little case of cabin-fever?” Isa chuckled. “That’s understandable. Father, don’t you think Adora should be allowed some time outside the city.”

“Of course. But, you must be careful, my child. Outside, people will try to draw you away from me. Always take care to guard yourself, and while you are out there, trying to show people love and guide them here to our city.”

Adora grinned, bowing to the king. “Thank you! I’ll be careful, and I will do my best out there.”

Isa led his sister out. “I’ll have the stable-master prepare a horse for you.”

“Thank you, Isa.” The girl hugged her princely brother and scampered down the stairs. The stable-master awaited her with a tall, proud white mare. “Oh, she’s beautiful!” Adora petted the soft nose of the horse, who tossed her head happily. “Does she have a name?”

“Her name is Una.”

Adora mounted the horse, petting the animal’s neck. “She’s beautiful. Thank you, sir.”

“You are welcome, milady.”

The girl turned her horse towards the gates and they rode away. The city flew past them and when they passed through the outer gates, the green countryside spread out on all sides. Adora laughed as the wind whipped past her and through her hair.


After a few hours of riding, the girl stopped by a pond. As she sat by the water, letting her toes dangle in the water, her horse began stomping. “What is it, Una.”

Una tossed her head, but Adora had tied her bridle to a tree branch, but the mare seemed uncomfortable. Across the pond, the branches parted and Adora recognized the young man who stepped out into the open.


“Alene?” The young man smiled and came around to her. “It has been a while. Last time I saw you, I told you about that shortcut over the mountain!”

“Yes, and I nearly got hurt by that Salem lady!”

Wiley’s eyes widened. “What!? That’s horrible! I’m so sorry, if I’d know about that, I would have escorted you along the path myself. But, it seems like you are doing well for yourself.”

The girl stood up, putting her riding boots back on. “I am. And my name is not Alene anymore, it’s Adora.”

“Adora…” He grasped her hands. “I’ve heard about you! You’re King Ansaldo’s new daughter!? That’s amazing!”

Adora looked into his eyes, reading the excitement in them, and she relaxed. “It is very exciting, I admit.”

“I’m surprised that you are not in the castle.”

“I wanted some time outside the city.” The princess admitted. “I love it in the city, but I just wanted to leave for a bit. My father said it was alright.”

Wiley grinned. “You know, if you want to get away and have some fun, there’s a town nearby called Maluntatis. I spend a lot of time there. It’s a place to have fun and get away from all responsibilities; it’s also a good place to make some new friends. Why don’t you come to Maluntatis tomorrow? It’ll be fun!”

“Well…” Adora tapped her chin thoughtfully. Getting out to have fun sounded like a great idea. A grin spread across her face. “Sure! I’ll meet you there tomorrow!”


[Next Chapter: Adora goes out and makes a new friend, but does the king approve of this?]

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