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Chapter Thirteen: Capture

The two came down the side of the mountain. Alene looked ahead and all she could see were rolling hills, pasty-leaved trees, green grass, and bright flowers. “Is that the way to Coelum?”

“Indeed, Alene.” Pavel stepped out, walking ahead of the girl. She jogged to keep up.

The path wound on, with another path rolling off to their right. “Where does that go?”

“That leads to Dolum’s land. There are many paths to it, but there is only one path to Coelum. That is why Moss usually leads a group there. But, others like me are sent to help those like you, who miss the group.”

“I only wish she hadn’t met you, Pavel.” Salem stood near a clump of trees; she grinned as Pavel drew his sword. “I hoped the child would starve or wolves would eat her. But you just had to come along, didn’t you. The king should just stay out of our business.”

The man pushed the child behind him. “She wishes to see the king, so it is his business.” Salem smirked as she pulled out twin swords. “Alene, go hide, but don’t run.” The girl nodded and ran to hide behind a tree.

Salem charged at Pavel. They slashed at one another. Alene stared, watching the sparks fly from the blades as they clashed again. They continued to attack one another; Alene saw Pavel losing ground. Salem turned her eyes to the hiding girl.

“Be afraid, little one. When I’m through with him, I’ll finish what I started. And this time, I’ll make sure you die.” She grinned as little Alene squished behind the tree, out of sight. “I’d start running if I were you…”

“Alene! Don’t!”

The child took a deep breath. She jumped as Pavel grunted behind her. She looked over and saw him on the ground, injured. “N-no…” Alene took one quick breath, looking back at Pavel, before running down the road.


The girl didn’t look back, she continued to run. She stumbled down the road, fearful for her life. Suddenly she tripped, sliding across the dirt. “Ow…” she rubbed her elbows, feeling the warm blood on the tips of her fingers. She stood up and brushed her dress before running once more.

She came around a bend, where the road lay under a tree. As she ran under the tree, suddenly Alene felt her legs leave the ground as a net pulled her from the ground. “Help! Let me down” The girl grabbed the netting, trying to find a way out.

“I hoped you would be the one we grabbed.” The girl looked down to see the same man who fought Miho so long ago.

“Let me go!”

Gryphon smirks. He pulled a knife out and sliced the net down. Alene hit the ground, coughing as the dirt filled her lungs. She looked up as the man walked over and stood above her. “You are coming with us, little one.” He brought his boot down on her face and everything went black.

[Next Chapter: Alene finds herself locked up in the worst place imaginable. Can she escape?]

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