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Chapter Twenty-nine: The End

Adora stood on the castle balcony looking down over the city. Outside the city, she could see black tents and people moving about like ants among them. Overnight Dolum’s army had doubled and more people joined him all day. At times, she would see groups of people entering the city to join her father in battle.

Inside the city walls, her father and Isa stood among the glittering troops, preparing them for battle. She knew in her heart that the king would win; she did not fear the armies of Dolum.

A bird-call echoed overhead, and the girl looked up to see a hawk drop a piece of paper down to her. She grabbed it and was not surprised to see that it was a letter from Dolum:

Dear Lady Adora,

I know you rejected me once before, but again I offer you the chance to join me. Your father’s rule is unnecessary and stifling, but you can be free with me. There is no punishment for doing wrong with me. I will not leave you to endure some consequence as penance for your actions. I will not punish you for refusing me before.

Come, join me.


Adora could only laugh. She had talked to her father the day before about what happened. She now knew that he only told her not to do things to protect her. He didn’t want her going to see Draco because he knew that he was a bad person.

Yes, he allowed her to be caught, but he saved her. Being caught taught her a lesson; she had to endure the consequences of her actions. She had trusted one of Dolum’s men and disobeyed her father, so she had to endure the consequences.

He still loved her and allowed her to endure it out of love, and she understood this now.

“Sorry, Dolum, but I will never join you.” She ripped the letter to pieces and tossed it off the balcony, letting the wind catch the paper and blow it away where she would never see it again.


The military lines faced one another on the grounds in front of the city. Horns blew, horses snorted, and the lines moved towards one another. They clashed.

From the balcony, Adora could hear the roar. The men under Dolum shouted horrible words and monstrous sounds as they beat against the armies of Coelum. The screeching of metal-against-metal echoed across the land, followed by the screams of dying men.

Adora eventually had to turn away from the brutality of the battle. She moved about her room, pacing as she waited for the king to return. Eventually the sounds of battle became too much, and she shut the balcony doors to shut out the horrendous sounds.

Sitting down in a chair, she pulled out some paper and a pen and began writing down what she had seen and heard, for while it was horrific, it was something that would stick with her forever.

The two lines, separated

Awaiting the start of battle.

The horns blow, the soldiers charge,





The end of Dolum

The reign of King Ansaldo.

I his daughter, watch from afar.

Waiting for news.

The screams drive me back, scared of the pain.

I block out the noise.

It will haunt my mind.

So I write.

I write what I feel. I write what I think.

I write what I know, and what I know is this,

That the king will not lose and Dolum will fall.

She’d never been good at verse, but it was all she could think of to do to pass the time. Just a simple verse took her far too long.

As soon as she jotted down the last period on the page, the doors to her room flew open and Isa strode in. The girl gasped. Blood covered his hands, feet, side, and trickled down his face, but he smiled all the same.

“Adora, the battle is over. We have won!”


The city of Coelum rejoiced. People stood on balconies, throwing flower petals and cheering as the new of victory spread. Adora stood on the streets with the people as they all danced, sang, and cheered the victory.

Once the battle was over, any fear, sorrow, pain, or anger vanished, replaced with joy, hope, and peace. Dolum’s armies had been defeated and everyone had watched as King Ansaldo stood before the evil man and his surviving followers.

The king, still loving those who sided with Dolum, gave them what they asked for. They wanted to never be around and have nothing to do with the king, and so he sent them and Dolum to the dark, underground kingdom of Infernum.

The ground opened and they all lowered into the dark underground, glowing with a red, hot light. As soon as they were all down, the ground closed up over them.

They were all gone. King Ansaldo held his hands up and things changed instantly. Old people grew young, young people seemed older, but not old. They could feel sickness, pain, and physical issues vanish in mere seconds. Everyone seemed to understand that now age and death were no more.

Adora danced up to the feat table where the king sat. Isa was off talking with some of his old friends. The girl hugged her father’s arm. “Oh Father! This is wonderful! Everyone here has never been happier!”

“I know, and this will remain forever.”


Ansaldo smiled, “Of course. From now on, peace will reign. No more pain, sadness, or death. The light of this occasion will never end as this joy will never end. Now, go and have fun. Enjoy this wonderful time.”

Adora smiled and danced off. Nothing else mattered anymore. Her past mistakes as Alene and Adora were gone forever, and this joy was forever.