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Chapter Nineteen: Denial

Alene watched Petre try and get inside the prison, to try and go after Isa. He tried the door many times, but to no avail. He continued to try and get in until some of the prison guards came to him. They shoved him away from the door. She could see Gryphon walk up to him. They spoke for some time before he shoved Petre away.

The man came walking back up to Alene, his face forlorn. “Petre, what happened? Why is the king’s son going into the prison? Is something wrong?”

The man sat down on the grass beside her. “I cannot believe that this is happening…”

“What? What is it?”

He took a deep breath before looking over at the girl. “Isa gave himself over to Dolum.”


“According to Gryphon, he made a deal with Dolum. If Isa gave himself over, Dolum would free all of his prisoners.”

Alene gasped. How could this be? She looked down at the prison. “We have to see him. We have to know why he did this!”

Petre did nothing but hand the girl a note. “He told us one day that he would be taken by those of evil. I told him that I would never let that happen. But he rebuked me and now I see that he was right.”

She opened the note and read the words of Isa:


I know this is hard for you, but I told you what was to come. I told you that I would one day be taken by evil. I gave myself over to Dolum’s men in order to save you and everyone else in this world. This place was designed to hold ever person in this world. It already held so many people. I made a deal, my life for theirs.

I know you have that girl with you. I need you to watch over her. I will return again, as I told you before. Trust me. After all that’s happened, I would hope you knew what I am able to do. Trust me and trust what I am able to do. Do not fear.

Your friend, Isa.

Alene cocked her head. “How did he know about me?”

“He has a way of knowing things.”

“What do we do now?” The girl looked down at the note once again.

He sat down on the ground. “I-I don’t know what to do. I guess we wait…”

Alene picked a little flower and began tearing the petals off. She cringed as her stomach gave a low growl. “Petre, when are we gonna get some food?”

“I got some last night for you.” He unwrapped a damp cloth to reveal a bunch of berries. The girl shoved the berries into her mouth.

“Thank you!” It may not have been much food, but she was hungry enough not to care. Petre watched as she ate. He seemed happy to see her happy.

The mass of people leaving one place brought much attention to this place. People came around to look at the large, dreary building.

This was the second day since they’d been released from Carcere. Now people came to see the building by the dozens.

“Excuse me…” A woman, scarred, pale, and thin stood behind them.

Alene smiled slightly. “Hello miss!” How may we help you?”

She looked between the two of them. “I wish to speak with him.” She pointed to the man.

“Yes?” Petre looked over at the woman.

She cocked her head. “I saw Isa walking through my old hometown, and I remember seeing you with him. You are one of his followers!”

“No! I do not know who you’re talking about!”

Alene stared at him in shock; anger began welling up inside her. The woman cocked her head but shrugged, taking him at his word. She walked away.

“Why did you say that!?”

Petre refused to answer; he sat down on the ground and stared at Carcere. The child was so angry at him. Why would he deny knowing Isa? Alene began pacing around until another person came walking towards them.

Alene could only watch in annoyance and anger as this person and then a third person came. Both times the people asked if Petre was a follower of Isa. Both times, he denied any knowledge of Isa.

After the third person walked away, she stormed over to Petre. “How dare you!”

“Excuse me?”

“How dare you deny Isa?! You said that he was your friend!” She shook with rage. “You are a horrible friend! You don’t deserve to be his follower!”

The man said nothing, only stared at the ground and this only made Alene angrier. She stormed away.

Petre watched Alene as she sat off to the side. Since the day before, she refused to speak with him.

Alene looked up as the sun rose. This was the third day since Dolum’s men took Isa into the prison. She watched as the sun came over the hill.

Suddenly, the ground began shaking. The man and girl fell to the ground. The earth began to crack around them. They looked up and saw the prison trembling. Before their eyes, Carcere crumbled to the ground.

“My goodness…”


The man watched as the dust began to settle. Alene stood up, and took a few steps down the hill as the shaking completely stopped. “What happened?”

“I don’t know.”

“Do you think that Isa is alright? Could anyone survive that?” The girl looked around at all the rubble. She could see some people crawling away from the rubble, and some, who were outside the building, came running to the rubble. She could see them pulling the rubble away to find people.

“I do not think anyone could have survived something like that, not even Isa.” Petre lowered his eyes at the thought of the loss of his friend and mentor.

The girl could only think of the king’s son. She had never known him

Alene sat down and watched as they all continued to clear away the rubble. Suddenly a lone figure came walking out of the rubble nearby. Unlike all the others who were brought from the rubble, this person walked upright, without limping. They did not seem injured at all.

“Who is that?”

The two looked down at the destroyed building, and at the lone figure who still walked towards them. The other people around stopped and stared at the person. Their eyes filled with shock and their mouths fell open.

Petre cocked his head in confusion. “How did anyone survive that, and come out in that good of a condition?”

Alene shrugged. As the figure came up the hill, she could see that he was a man with green eyes and brown hair, with a beard. Petre gasped. “Isa…!”

“He’s alive!?”

Petre stared at Isa as he came closer. His eyes cast themselves downward. “I couldn’t do anything…”

“What?” Without another word, the man turned around and hurried away. “Petre! Wait!” But the man ran out of earshot within moments. She stared after him. He soon ran over a hill and disappeared from sight.

The girl merely stood there, at the top of the hill, staring after him. She jumped as someone placed a hand on her shoulder. She whirled around only to see Isa standing there.

The man gave her a little smile. “Hello there, Alene.”

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