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Chapter Twenty-one: Journey

As the meal finished, Petre stood up. “I will go and do what you told me, Isa.” He looked over at Alene. “It was a pleasure to meet you, Alene.” With those words, he turned around and left.

Alene watched him go and waved. “Goodbye Petre; I hope to see you again soon.” She turned back and continued to eat her fish.

A long silence reigned as Alene and Isa ate their food in peace. Isa spoke up. “Alene, you seemed confused by our earlier conversation.”

“I am.” She sighed. You spoke in riddles and images. I understand that you want him to help those here, but why did you ask him that way?”

He smiled, “I asked him three times, just as he denied me three different times.”

“Oh, I understand now.”

Isa chuckled. “I know you do.” He took another bite of fish. “Now, I know where you wish to go.”

“Well, since I have no other place to go, I want to go to Ceolum. But, you already know this. And… well, I was wondering, since you are the king’s son of Ceolum, could you tell me how to get there?”

Isa nodded. “I would be happy to, Alene.” His smile widened. “Actually, I will do more than that. I will take you there myself.”

The girl gasped. “D-do you mean it?”

“Of course I mean it.”

What an honor, to be escorted by the king’s son himself. She clasped her hands and nodded. “Oh, thank you. Um, sir, since you are the king’s son. Do you want me to call you by your name, or should I call you ‘your highness’?”

“Just Isa will do, Alene.” Now he stood up. “Again, we will begin our journey at first light.”

“How long is the journey going to take?”

Isa grabbed his plate. “It will take forty days.”

“That long!?”

“Do not worry,” the man chuckled. “That may sound like a long journey, but it will be fun. And as long as you stay beside me, none of Dolum’s men will come to harm you.”

“Thank you!” the girl smiled.

Isa went over to the innkeeper and spoke with him before coming back over to the table. “They have two rooms for us to stay in tonight.”

“Again, thank you sir.” Alene and Isa went to their separate rooms. The girl couldn’t help but wonder why all this was happening. She wasn’t complaining, but she was curious. Why would Isa give himself over to Dolum? And how did he get out and destroy the prison?

These questions would have to wait until morning.

[Next Chapter: Alene and Isa talk on their journey as they come closer to their final destination.] 

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