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Chapter Three: Fire

The sound of voices woke Alene from sleep. She sat up, rubbing her eyes, sleepily. The moon still stood, high in the sky, but an orange light lit up the world from behind her.

She turned around and gasped. Her home, the little house she’d live in, with William, was on fire. People stood around the house with torches; she could hear them laughing. They thought it was funny.

Alene sat there, staring up, in shock. She wanted to move, to run up and find her grandfather, but her legs refused to move. She could only watch as the people walked away, sill laughing.

Once they were gone, the girl barely managed to get to her feet, climbing up the hill as fast as she could. By this time, the entire house was engulfed in flames. “Grandfather! Grandfather!”

She began to run towards the house, but a strong hand grabbed her arm. “I am sorry, small one.” Alene screamed; she turned around and saw a young man, with yellow hair and brown eyes. He looked kind and also sad. “William is gone, small one.”

“I-I don’t believe you!”

The man knelt down, putting both hands on her shoulders. “Do not be afraid. I am here to help you. My name is Miho. Tell me your name…”


“Alene, it is not safe for you here.” Miho stood up, taking the girl’s hand. “You must go to Coelum. Only there will you be safe.”

“Coelum? Isn’t that where King Ansaldo lives?”

The man nodded. “I happen to be the king’s captain. I came out here with another man, to find those in need and to escort them to somewhere safe. Alene, I can take you to Perierat. There is a man there, named Moss. He is leading a group to Coelum. I will take you to him.”

“Is there nothing we can do for Grandfather?”

“No, Alene.” He shook his head. “We must leave now, or Moss will leave in the morning, without you.” The girl had no other choice, so she let Miho pull her away from her burning home, and towards the town, where all the trouble today had begun.

Alene began to cry. She still thought about William. Miho didn’t discourage her tears. He held her hand and let her weep.

“Ah, Miho,” a deep voice spoke from behind them. They looked and saw a man, dressed in dark robes, his face hidden by a hood. “Have you sunk down to escorting children now?”

“Alene, run…”

The girl looked up at her guide. “But Miho!?”

“Alene, this man will kill you. I can stop him, but he will try everything to hurt you” He reached to his side and pulled out a sword. “You know where Perierat is. Hurry, and run to it. Moss will be there. Tell him I sent you! Now go!”

The other man drew a sword as well. He and Miho charged at one another and began to duel. The swords clashed and sparks flew. Alene watched for a minute before she began running. In the dark, she did not know where to go. Before the fight, she’d known where she was and where to go, but now, she had no idea. The girl stumbled through the dark, hoping to find her way to town.

Suddenly, she tripped, screaming as she fell. Her head hit the ground and everything went pitch black.

[Next Chapter: Alene is on her own, and she meets someone to help her on her way.]

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