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God Loves You

Girls and boys in many countries are studying these same lessons. So are many of their parents and older brothers and sisters. Why? Because they all like to read about these great men and women who lived long ago. And because it is fun to do the things that you are asked to do in each lesson. Most of all you will like these lessons because of what you will learn about God.

God Loves You | Lesson 9

God Hears Your Prayers

Learn this about God:

  • Lord is another name for God.
  • Some people make their own gods.
  • The Lord is the one true God.
  • God wants you to pray to Him.

These words are from the Bible. Read them aloud 5 times.

The Lord our God is one Lord, and you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your strength. Deuteronomy 6:45 (BV)

To do as you read and study this lesson

Ask God to help you understand what you are reading. Think about the meaning of each underlined sentence.

Some people make their own gods.

After the flood Noah’s sons had many children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren. There were many people on the earth again.

Noah and his sons told the people about God. But the people did not love God like Noah did. They wanted to do everything their own way. They did not want to listen to their parents, to their grandparents, or to God.

A man named Nimrod made himself king. He wanted people to obey him—not God. Nimrod led the people away from God. He taught them to pray to the sun and the moon and to make their own gods.

The people made bricks to build a city and a high tower.

God saw what the people were doing. He knew that they were doing wrong. God let the people have their own way for a while. Then God stopped them. God didn’t send another flood. He just made the people talk in different languages.

The people could not talk together. They could not understand one another. They could not work together. So they stopped building the tower. They called the place Babel. Babel means confusion.

The people left Nimrod and Babel. They went in every direction. Families lived together, then groups of families. They built their own cities. They forgot about the one true God.

Wherever the people lived, they made their own gods: big gods and little gods, gods of wood and stone, gods of silver and gold. They prayed to the gods they had made.

The Lord is the one true God.

The gods the people had made could not hear. The gods they had made could not speak. They could not see. They could not love the people like the true God did. They were not real, true gods. The Lord is the only true God. He hears and speaks and sees. The people had forgotten the true God. But God had not forgotten them. God still loved them and wanted to help them.

God hears your prayers.

You cannot see the one true God, but He is right there with you. When you talk to the true God He hears you. God wants you to talk with Him. God loves you and wants to help you. Ask God for what you need. God will hear and answer your prayers.

Learn this Prayer

You see me and hear me and love me, dear God. For You are the true God. You always are near. I’ll pray to You, Lord, and not to the gods That never can love me or see me or hear.

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