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Grasshoppers Don’t Fight Giants

“Grandfather Daniel, you’ve told us what life was like in Egypt under Pharaoh,” Joel remarked. His youngest sister,…


The Party Dress

“Kirstin, in two weeks, we’ll be going to a very special party,” Faith told her daughter. Kirstin stopped…


Will You Still Love Me?

“Kyra, didn’t I tell you to pick your toys up from the living room floor and bring them…


Where Did He Put the Elephants?

“Mom, you told us that we should never tell a lie,” 9-year-old Luke said as he got into…


Throw Them in the Fire!

“Thank you for seeing me, sir. My name is Seth.” “Come, sit down, Seth,” Daniel responded. ” I…


I Miss My Brother

“Mom, I miss my big brother,” Jesse remarked. “Why doesn’t he live with us?” Hannah responded, “Come sit…


Where Does He Fit?

“Hey, runt!” Joshua called to his younger brother. “Joshua, why do you insist on calling Luke that name?”…


Alyssa’s Roses

“Not again!” Jack exclaimed. “Kate, I need some help here!” he loudly called to his wife, who was…


My Hero, My Queen

“Ariel, I overheard one of the other servant girls talking about the queen,” Shiana remarked. “She said the…


Mr. Nobody

“I can’t wait till I grow up!” ten-year-old Riley said angrily. “No one ever listens to me.” “Did…

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