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Crystal Ortmann

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Dusty Thinks It’s More Fun to be Good

BOING! Dusty’s ears shot straight upward and he stood on his hind legs to see if he could…


What Will Dusty Wear?

“It’s time to get up and wash,” Dusty muttered to himself. He yawned and stretched each big foot,…


Dusty Loves to Hop and Leap

“Life is soooo goooood!” said Dusty as he leaped in the air. He ran down the hall, kicking…


Dusty Doesn’t Want to Share

“Dusty, come here,” called the lady. Two furry ears popped up. She’s calling me. Maybe it means a…


Dusty and the Bully

“Aah, this sunbath feels good,” Dusty murmured as he drowsed in the sunshine. He did not know his…

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