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Dusty Loves to Hop and Leap

Author: Crystal Ortmann

“Life is soooo goooood!” said Dusty as he leaped in the air. He ran down the hall, kicking his feet out behind him. If bunnies could whistle, he would have been doing that too.

“What a dork!” Dusty’s bunny friend, Cocoa, grumbled from her room. “I wouldn’t make a fool of myself like that,” she sniffed.

Dusty and Cocoa’s owner laughed at Dusty’s antics. The more she laughed, the more he leaped. He ran circles around her, then flopped, exhausted, on the rug.

“That felt so good,” he said, “but I could sure use a snack and some pets right now. Maybe if I make those big googly eyes and clack my teeth, she’ll get the hint.”

“Get a grip, you foolish rabbit,” mocked Cocoa. “What a spectacle you made of yourself. You’ll do anything to get her attention.”

“You’re just jealous because she likes me more than you, you old sourpuss,” Dusty remarked. Then he turned his back to Cocoa and eyed his owner. His lady got up and went to the treat box. He ran to his owner and half-climbed up her leg trying to get the treat. All of a sudden, he fell over backward in his excitement.

What’ll it be, oh what’ll it be? A cracker? A carrot–nope, I didn’t hear the refrigerator door open and close. Some popcorn? A banana? I can’t wait. The little white rabbit shivered with anticipation.

After Dusty got his treat, he turned around and stuck out his tongue at Cocoa. It made her very angry.

“Just watch it there, treat-boy,” she warned, “or the next time we’re together, I’ll remember this and you’d better be careful.”

Since people do not speak or understand bunny-talk too well, their owner did not know what was happening between them. She wanted to give Cocoa a little treat too, not realizing how wicked Cocoa was acting.


“Here, little brown bunny girl; here’s some for you,” their lady said.

Cocoa yanked it out of her hand and ran to hide so she could eat in peace.

“You’re welcome,” her owner said. “Oink, oink.”

Dusty took a short nap, and then he was at it again. He just felt so happy inside, he had to run, leap, and hop for joy.

God helps animals to be happy, and then they need to show it some way. House bunnies do it best by pretending they are racecars and tearing around the room like crazy. It’s a funny thing. When someone is happy, it affects everyone around him or her.

When people are happy, they start to smile or even laugh out loud. Toes start tapping, and pretty soon, that person wants to jump up and dance around the room. It’s contagious. Dusty provided so much joy to his family, making them laugh at his silly antics.

The Bible tells about a man who was so happy that Jesus had healed him that he jumped for joy.

“He jumped to his feet and began to walk. Then he went with them into the temple courts, walking and jumping, and praising God” (Acts 3:8, NIV).

God wants His children to be happy. He loves to see them hopping and leaping in happiness, just as Dusty the bunny loves to do.

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