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Dusty Doesn’t Want to Share

Author: Crystal Ortmann

“Dusty, come here,” called the lady.

Two furry ears popped up. She’s calling me. Maybe it means a treat! I’ll wait a minute to see how important it is.

The little white bunny tensed as he heard his name called again. It’s got to be food! Oh, I’m so hungry, and I want it all for myself!

Dusty hopped down the hall to see what sort of treat she had for him. Look, it’s one of those orange things that crunch. I think she calls it a carrot. It’s one of my favorite foods. Oh, yummy, yummy, yummy. He yanked the treat out of the lady’s hand.

His owner told him to slow down or he might choke on it. Naah. What does she know? The faster I eat, the more I’ll get!

Dusty’s owner reached down to try to take some of the carrot away, so he wouldn’t harm himself. He didn’t see it that way. He thought she was trying to horn in on his snack.

Dusty Lunges

Without warning, he lunged at his lady’s hand and tried to bite her. I’ll show her whose carrot that is! Watch it, lady, or I’ll do it again! He growled and clacked his teeth to show her he meant business. This gentle bunny turned mean because someone tried to mess with his food.

“Dusty,” cried the lady, “don’t be so selfish. I’m not trying to take your carrot away so I can have it. I’m trying to keep you safe.”

Cocoa overheard the uproar from the other room. Heh, heh! I guess old carrot-breath isn’t such a sissy after all. That’s my kind of guy!

Dusty snatched the other part of the carrot out of his lady’s hand when she offered it to him. Then he ran like crazy down the hall, past Cocoa, who cheered him on. He scurried underneath the bed where no one could reach him.

Munch, munch, munch. Aaaagh. I have a piece of carrot stuck in my throat. His contented chewing turned to gagging and sputtering. Finally, he was able to cough it out.

Whew, maybe that lady knew what she was talking about. I don’t want anyone to take my food or anything else that’s mine. But, maybe she was just trying to keep me safe and happy.

So often, like Dusty, we don’t want to share our food, our toys, or anything we think we own. God knows what is best for us, and He knows that selfishness can hurt the one who doesn’t share. The Bible teaches us how to live.

God’s Word tells us about sharing. In Luke 3:11, John the Baptist says, “‘The man with two tunics should share with him who has none, and the one who has food should do the same'” (NIV).

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