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Peace During the Storm

Author: Keith Swartzendruber

It was five o’clock in the afternoon at Bargain Bob’s car lot.

Uncle Bob and Kevin were closing the car lot down for the night. As the owner of Bargain Bob’s cars, Uncle Bob kept a watchful eye on his shiny, sleek machines.

Kevin knew more about the make and model of certain cars than some boys twice his age.

Kevin looked up at the dark sky and said, “Looks like there’s a storm moving in.”

Uncle Bob agreed. “There won’t be anybody out in this weather. What do you say we close up early and head home?”

Just as Kevin closed the gate to the car lot, the sound of thunder rumbled in the distance.

Later, with Uncle Bob and Kevin long gone, the sleek, shiny vehicles in the car lot, felt the pitter-patter of cold raindrops.

As the sky grew darker, Big Jim, a four-by-four black truck, heard a quiet little whimper. “What’s the matter, Dolly?” Big Jim asked.

Thunder rumbled in the distance!

Dolly, the little Volkswagen Bug, spoke with tears running down her shiny, red paint job.

“I’m scared, I’ve never been outside during a horrible storm before. The rain is cold and the thunder scares me. And worst of all, what if it hails? It could ruin my new paint job, and then no one would want to buy me.”

Dan the Sedan spoke up to comfort Dolly, “Hey now, we don’t know just how bad this storm is going to be, do we? It could be there’s really nothing to fear,” he said, with a wink of his headlights.

“Big Jim, turn your radio on so we can hear the local weather forecast,” Dan suggested.

The newscaster announced, “Warning: The weather bureau has just issued a severe weather alert. There will be heavy showers and thunderstorms throughout the night, with a chance of marble-sized hail. Please keep your pets indoors and pull your vehicles into garages and carports. Once again, a severe weather alert is in effect until morning.”

Big Jim turned off the radio. Dolly began to cry even harder.

Louis, the Ford Lariat, chimed in, trying to calm Dolly.

“Listen, Dolly, we don’t have to be afraid. God’s Word tells us, ‘Fear not, I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God’ (Isaiah 41:10).”

Louis said they should all agree in prayer.

Prayer and trust in God

Dan volunteered to lead them. “Dear Lord, Your Word tells us that You are our God and we don’t need to be afraid. We ask You to protect us from the storm. And, please, let there be no hail tonight … in Jesus’ name. Amen.”

Soon it began to rain so hard, giant water puddles formed beneath the cars. But even through the rain, Dolly felt a peace she hadn’t felt before. The words “Fear not, I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God” echoed in her mind.

The thunder roared and the lightning danced across the sky. At times during the night, it sounded as if the sky would come crashing down upon them. But Big Jim, Dolly, Louis, and Dan stood all night long. They were glad they had each other; thankful that they did not have to brave the storm alone.

Morning came and the sun shone brightly.

The warm air began to dry things up a bit. Everyone was glad the storm was over. Dolly began to talk about her fear and how praying had filled her heart with peace. She thanked Dan for praying the night before. Even Big Jim admitted he had been frightened last night. Louis replied that as long as God is on our side we have nothing to fear.

Soon Kevin and Uncle Bob arrived for another day at Bargain Bob’s car lot. They began to check carefully each car on the lot.

“Do you see any damage from the storm?” Uncle Bob asked Kevin.

“No, in fact the hailstorm that hit the area last night must have skipped right over our car lot. There’s not a bit of damage,” Kevin replied.

Dolly shone a little more brightly as she heard them talking. It was a night she and her friends would never forget.

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